Dodgy workmanship – should you be satisfied with it?

NO! Of course not!

One thing that I have found while working in the industry is that loads of people get ripped off. Being promised this product or that finish while receiving none.  THIS has got to stop! We have been contacted by clients who have been cheated out of a deposit with no cupboards to show for it. WHY? Simply because we as a human race trust too easily.

So I am here to give you a few tips on just HOW to select someone to help you with your dream kitchen

  • Does the company have active AND professional social media and web pages?
    We had a few instances were other manufacturing people (we really can’t call them company’s) used our photos to do their marketing. Follow up people! I can’t stress this enough! If they have got this gorgeous kitchen on their advert, do they have the rest of the photos to support it on their social media and web pages? Are there ANY movement on the social media pages? Have they got reviews on work done; is it predominantly positive or negative?
  • Enquire, enquire, and enquire!
    This is the sad part. Too many people pay their hard earned money into accounts without actually “investigating” the businesses they want to use. How does their office look? OR do they even have an office? Rather go FBI on them than lose your money or sleep! Ask for references and please, PHONE those references and ask for proof of work done by the company – Either testimony or photos! Normally if someone gets offended by being asked references I see it as a red flag. You should be proud to give someone and client’s number, not get offended by it!
  • What is the level of professionalism that they use?
    Have you been contacted since you have enquired? Have you been explained the process of the workings of the company? Are they giving you a sketchy hand drawn layout of your kitchen? Or are they giving you high definition 3D views which showcase EXACTLY what your kitchen will look like? This is important. There are quite a few processes happening with the remodel of a kitchen, and communication is KEY!
  • Are they still using old methods in manufacturing? Or are they using up to date technology?
    This point speaks for itself – If you have someone give you a quotation and they can’t give you an exact layout or design what your kitchen would look like – Why use them? They won’t give you your money’s worth. Precision machinery is a big factor. It ultimately produces quality items with exact finishing.

No skew drilling and cabinets here!

A Kitchen remodel is A LOT of money – rather use a company you can ultimately trust. A Company that has the experience, the expertise and the means to make your dream come true!

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