Office upgrades -Why is it important?

Your office …
This is the space were your clients see you in YOUR surroundings for the first time. Like an important advert or a great sales pitch, believe it or not – THIS SPACE IS JUST AS IMPORTANT. Your office reflects the “type of business person” you are. If the interior and furniture are old, dusty and exhausted, your clients first reaction will be why should I invest my money with such a dreary business?

If you want to be the best – you must reflect the “Best” in ALL your surroundings…. How you dress for your business meeting, your attitude towards your clients, AND (off course) your office space. People like to do business in an environment which is professional, relaxing and visionally pleasing. They don’t want to walk in and worry whether you are going to run away with their money!

How do you fix your problem?

  • Have a professional do a 3D design of your office layout.
    It pays to have a professional design your office. Not only does it help with the “Space” problem every office seems to have. It gives you the benefit of a Fresh eye and a trained mind! The designer has experience in just such problems and they give you new ideas and solutions in areas where you thought there were none.
  • Have specific and functional furniture made for the “image” you want to portrait.
    Clean up the clutter! Design cabinets were things like those ugly Arch lever files and paperwork can be stored and filed away – all this while being ‘esthetical.’ Make multipurpose furniture – Instead of having that ugly space eating, freestanding hanging file system – build it into a custom made desk
  • Use small spaces like your reception to make a big impact. This is after all the start of your client’s journey.
    This one is probably the most important one of all. An esthetical design is needed BUT it has to be functional. The design and end product is KEY to a good first impression!
  • Go with the times…keep your design fresh and professional.
    Don’t use old methods and “Cycil nurse” furniture. EVERYBODY does that! Invest in a good designer and a good manufacturer to make a truly unique office. One that will suit YOUR business needs and YOUR specific image.

For more ideas and expert advice, call us and we will gladly help you with design, the manufacturing and a few of our never ending ideas!

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