Welcome to our interior decoration individualization workshop! Here with us, the Montana Interiors workshop team aims to expertly give you the opportunity to individualize, design and hand paint your own furniture! Essentially, you learn how to turn certain pieces of furniture into points of INTEREST in your home!

The skill of painting furniture by hand

Why is the skill of painting furniture by hand so important in the interior decoration industry? We find that too many interior designers employ the use of manufactured furniture pieces in their work! Too many of these pieces don’t add anything UNIQUE to your home – so we decided to bring back the idea of having special furniture in peoples’ homes again! This is why we wish to teach YOU how to paint your furniture by hand, in a way that not only personalizes the furniture and makes it more unique but also distinguishes the furniture piece as something that stands out in ANYONE’S household! You create a piece that isn’t simply “manufactured” but instead CREATED with care and quality!


What do you get when you sign up?

You get the chance to JOIN our workshop of twenty eager people who, like you, LOVE the idea of creating quality, long-lasting furniture pieces that stand out in peoples’ homes!

Simply painting furniture “by hand” is not the “EASY task” as you may think it is! There is a skill to be learnt in painting your furniture yourself – it can’t be sloppy! This is why we take pride in teaching you the ability to make signature furniture!

How do we do this?

For a simple once-off fee, we provide you with a piece of furniture and paint of YOUR CHOICE, on to which we teach YOU how to paint said piece, using a variety of techniques! Alternatively, you can bring your OWN piece of furniture, on to which we will ALSO teach you how to go about painting it!

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